.22 Shootout

The. 22 shoot is a multi-gun, rifle & pistol, match. At first, we shot these matches only during the cold weather months. But soon there was enough interest to run year round. We shoot indoors in the winter, usually Oct – April, weather permitting. We are limited to the size of our indoor range, but we seem to make it work. Indoor courses are made up of cardboard shoot & no – shoot’s and an arrangement of props. Props can be shooting through open windows, around barricades, barrels & walls. Outdoor courses can be a gallery style shoot, steel challenge or a combination of both.

As with all shooting, eye & ear protection is mandatory, as well as a safety briefing from the match director on your first visit. Only then may you sign up to shoot. No gun handling until you directed by the Range officer. The 180 rule applies at all times. We would also like see the shooter have familiarity with the safe handling of their firearms.

Most shooters use semi-auto .22rifles & pistols. We try to design courses that require reloading. So you will need at least 2 or more magazines. Bring ammo, magazine pouches and a holster (but not required). If you don’t have these, bring what you have and we’ll make it work. This is for fun – like minded people. Bring at least a hundred rounds. Five dollars to shoot multiple times. Set up starts around 3:00, shooting starts around 4:30, goes until 8:00pm. Shoots are held the first Thursday of every month.

Whats New With The Shootout?

.22 Multi-Gun Schedule for Summer 2023

The dates for our .22 Multi-Gun league have been announced for the summer! See below. Our .22 multi-gun shoots take place the first Thursday of the month from 5pm to 8pm. This shooting event involves two types of .22 caliber firearms, pistol & rifle. The course of fire will requires at least 3-4 magazines per firearm.   05/04/23 06/01/23 07/06/23

New Dates for .22, 3-Gun and Cabin Fever Shoots

Hello Everyone! New dates for .22, Multi-Gun and Cabin Fever Shoots have been announced and added to the clubs calendar. The dates and times are below: 22 multi-gun shoots start 5pm-8pm “Indoors”.          ” outdoors ” 1/3/19                 6/6/19 2/7/19                 8/1/19 3/7/19                10/3/19 4/4/19 3-gun shoot starts 5pm-8pm 5/9/19 6/13/19 7/11/19 8/8/19 9/12/19 Cabin fever shoots “center fire pistol” start 2pm-6pm. 1/12/19

New Targets

We have new targets!