In order to shoot one needs: pistol/revolver, holster, magazines/speedloaders, and of course proper eye and ear protection. In addition, all new shooters are required to complete a safety brief held on weeks one or five of the “season” prior to shooting.

Pistol League

Loosely based on IPSC “limited” or IDPA competition using pistols or revolvers without optical sights or added compensators.

Course of fire varies weekly with each course scored by points divided by time.

Targets include paper silhouetes and plates plus steel or other reactive targets. Matches can include drawing from a holster, reloads under the clock, fire and movement, and firing from cover.

Each season is 10 weeks long finishing with a banquet for all shooters.

Safe gun handling is stressed at all times in this league.

Spring 2017 Schedule

Whats New With Pistol?

Pistol League Schedule and Information

The schedule and shoot information is posted below for our Military Pistol league. Click Here to checkĀ out the main league page for more information!  


Pistol House Upgrades

We have a new metal roof on the pistol house!