HRGC hosts three-gun matches for the benefit of our members. The 3-gun matches include tactical rifle, tactical shotgun, and centerfire pistol course of fire. We do run an indoor version during the cold weather months. For examples of 3-gun matches check YouTube videos, our courses of fire are similar to USPSA and IDPA 3 gun matches on a smaller scale or contact the match director.

3 Gun / Multi-Gun matches are open to all club members, after specific multi-gun orientation, and non-members by invitation only of the match director and orientation.

Matches run 1 to 2 times per month on Thursdays, check the website calendar.

Outdoors: late Spring, Summer, and early Fall using; tactical centerfire rifle, tactical shotgun, and centerfire semi auto pistols.

Indoors: Winter using .22 rifle, and .22 pistol, with an occasional centerfire pistol IDPA type match.

Match Director, Bob Jagodzinski Questions email Bob at, [email protected]

Whats New With Three Gun?

Multi-Gun Schedule for Summer 2023

The dates for our Multi-Gun league have been announced for the summer! See below. Our multi-gun shoots take place the third Thursday of the month from 5pm to 8pm. This shooting event involves three types of firearms, shotgun, pistol & rifle. Shotguns must use size 7 1/2 or 8 shot unless otherwise specified. 05/18/23 06/15/23 07/20/23 08/17/23 09/21/23 10/19/23

New Videos!

We have new content posted showing the shooters point of view in our Action Pistol and Multi-Gun leagues. Head over to the videos page to check it out!  

New Dates for .22, 3-Gun and Cabin Fever Shoots

Hello Everyone! New dates for .22, Multi-Gun and Cabin Fever Shoots have been announced and added to the clubs calendar. The dates and times are below: 22 multi-gun shoots start 5pm-8pm “Indoors”.          ” outdoors ” 1/3/19                 6/6/19 2/7/19                 8/1/19 3/7/19                10/3/19 4/4/19 3-gun shoot starts 5pm-8pm 5/9/19 6/13/19 7/11/19 8/8/19 9/12/19 Cabin fever shoots “center fire pistol” start 2pm-6pm. 1/12/19

3 Gun Matches Posted

Three gun matches are starting up this spring, and have been posted on the club calendar!! The first match will be 4/13/17 and the league will end 9/14/2017. The starting match on 4/13/17 is weather permitting. During this time, the club ranges will be closed.

New CoF

Come join us, we have a new CoF!