HRGC hosts three-gun matches for the benefit of our members. The 3-gun matches include tactical rifle, tactical shotgun, and centerfire pistol course of fire. We do run an indoor version during the cold weather months. For examples of 3-gun matches check YouTube videos, our courses of fire are similar to USPSA and IDPA 3 gun matches on a smaller scale or contact the match director.

3 Gun / Multi-Gun matches are open to all club members, after specific multi-gun orientation, and non-members by invitation only of the match director and orientation.

Matches run 1 to 2 times per month on Thursdays, check the website calendar.

Outdoors: late Spring, Summer, and early Fall using; tactical centerfire rifle, tactical shotgun, and centerfire semi auto pistols.

Indoors: Winter using .22 rifle, and .22 pistol, with an occasional centerfire pistol IDPA type match.

Match Director, Bob Jagodzinski Questions email Bob at,

Whats New With Three Gun?

New Videos!

We have new content posted showing the shooters point of view in our Action Pistol and Multi-Gun leagues. Head over to the videos page to check it out!  

New Dates for .22, 3-Gun and Cabin Fever Shoots

Hello Everyone! New dates for .22, Multi-Gun and Cabin Fever Shoots have been announced and added to the clubs calendar. The dates and times are below: 22 multi-gun shoots start 5pm-8pm “Indoors”.          ” outdoors ” 1/3/19                 6/6/19 2/7/19                 8/1/19 3/7/19                10/3/19 4/4/19 3-gun shoot starts 5pm-8pm 5/9/19 6/13/19 7/11/19 8/8/19 9/12/19 Cabin fever shoots “center fire pistol” start 2pm-6pm. 1/12/19

3 Gun Matches Posted

Three gun matches are starting up this spring, and have been posted on the club calendar!! The first match will be 4/13/17 and the league will end 9/14/2017. The starting match on 4/13/17 is weather permitting. During this time, the club ranges will be closed.

New CoF

Come join us, we have a new CoF!