****Attention****Club COVID-19 Update

We all share concerns and opinions about the risks presented by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please, members be considerate of each other, many of our members are high risk individuals. Although the clubhouse is not necessarily CLOSED, it resides in a community that has closed schools and businesses. Follow CDC guidelines already set forth. IF you are sick, stay home. IF you enter the building, immediately wash your hands properly. IF you make a mess, clean up after yourself. DO NOT steal the toilet paper or hand sanitizer made available to ALL members entering the building. Thank You.

Charlene M Marvin, President

Calling All Members, Come Get Your Work Hours!

This year, we have many capital projects slated to get done at the club and we need your help! These projects will improve the club overall, and set us on a good path forward to be ready for the future.

For those members looking for work hours or anyone who wants to be more involved at the club, please come to the monthly club meeting on Thursday May 23rd at 7PM. We will be discussing the projects that are on the table, the order they will be completed in and line up the volunteers/skill sets necessary to achieve these goals.

Please consider attending this meeting and help lighten the load by volunteering. This Is great way to get your work hours in for the year, its easy to do!

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